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The transport industries cover a wide range of activities. All kind of transport indsutries (aeronautics, aerospace, rail, automotive and maritime) require air treatment systems as part of their production process. The construction, assembly, maintenance, refurbishment and dismantling of transport equipment and its components are sources of significant pollution that can impact on the health of operators and production processes. The equipment manufacturers and subcontractors working in close collaboration with these industries are also concerned by these problems. NEU-JKF Delta NEU propose a wide range of systems dedicated to air treatment with an unequalled know-how in the transport industry.

Protection of operators, processes and regulatory compliance

Clean air is essential for the protection of operators and production tools. Dust, production waste, oil mist and welding fumes can be a health hazard for those exposed. These pollutants also have an impact on production tools and their treatment is necessary to extend their life and reduce maintenance operations. Air treatment is necessary to ensure regulatory compliance in terms of air quality, emissions of air pollutants (IED Directive) and prevention of explosion risks (ATEX Directive). In the transport industry, Chromium VI (or hexavalent chromium) is a very common carcinogenic pollutant. The European REACH regulation, for example, obliges companies to take all necessary measures to prevent the risks associated with chromium VI. 

Automotive supplier and manufacturer

Production processes generate waste at the workplace and on the floor. This waste must be treated directly on the production line to avoid blockages, deterioration of product quality and to guarantee safety. Welding fumes (the cause of many acute or chronic pathologies) must be captured as close as possible to their point of emission, and carbon black is an extremely dangerous dust in the manufacture of tyres.
Oil mist deteriorates product quality and working conditions. Dust collection systems capture the pollutants on sheet metal presses, shot blasting and shot peening stations, as well as on rework stations. Centralized cleaning allows the cleaning of floors and workstations. The machine tools used generate oil mists when machining hard materials or during high-speed machining. This pollution leads to risks of accidents (slippery floor), respiratory discomfort or fire. The industrial filtration solutions to treat oil mist developed by Delta Neu in the automotive industry allow to purify the treated air and to recycle the oils used by the industrialist.

Aeronautics: danger of dusts, fumes, chips

An automatic drilling unit enables assembly (wing, fuselage). To guarantee precision machining, the chips must be continuously removed by means of a suction system on the machine. Choosing a central vacuum is the ideal solution. It serves stations equipped with an automatic drilling unit. It is subject to ICPE and ATEX constraints, depending on the dusts sucked in, such as titanium, aluminium or carbon.

A welding process uses temperatures to melt a metal and generates fumes consisting of gas and dust. To limit occupational exposure, welding workstations are equipped with welding fume extraction. Fume extraction is ergonomic because this type of work requires precision on the part of the operator; the definition of the sensor is essential to the use or not of welding suction. The collector must take into account the risk of projection, as must the operator, who must be equipped with PPE.

Our engineers analyse your installation and your needs with you. They will propose a tailor-made solution to meet your needs. Delta NEU supports you from the design of the system to its commissioning. 

- Cleaning the workshops: with central vacuum systems
- Dust extraction by wet & dry dust collection processes
- Suction of metal chips on portable tools and/or numerical controls
- Filtration of oil mists during machining
- Dust collection on rework stations, polishing, shot blasting, etc.
- Welding fume filtration
- Pneumatic transfer of production waste

Each installation is different, and for each of them NEU-JKF Delta NEU is committed to providing the optimal solutions while maintaining the ergonomics of your production processes and workstations.

The strength of NEU-JKF Delta NEU lies in its proximity to the customer. With our network of experts, we are able to support you in the long term to ensure that your systems are used consistently and reliably. Our Customer Service offers all original spare parts for your system as well as maintenance contracts.

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