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The chemical industry is a very important branch of industry in the economic and industrial world. Whether in heavy, fine or pharmaceutical chemistry, this sector brings together a large number of occupational hazards because it requires the handling of many toxic products that are dangerous for humans and the environment. This is why it is governed by strict regulations. 
For all these different aspects of the protection of the operator and the environment. NEU-JKF Delta NEU has been developing and offering innovative solutions for over 40 years.  


Limiting the risks

During production or maintenance phases, chemical industry operators are exposed to numerous risks, mainly due to the toxicity of the products handled.
To prevent these risks, the INRS has defined a number of occupational exposure limit values (VLEP 8h) as well as Workplace Hazardous Materials Information Sheets (FAR) which list the jobs in a given activity that are likely to present a carcinogenic risk (CMR). 

The best solution for dealing with these pollutant emissions is to capture them at source and thus to implement the 9 principles of capture recommended by the INRS (ED 695 booklet) as well as to consult the operator so as not to disrupt his work.

Other risks inherent to the chemical industry are fire and explosions. To prevent these risks, it is necessary to set up effective air treatment systems which will enable flammable products to be captured at source, eliminate ambient dust and correctly ventilate the finished product storage areas.

Adapting to the regulations

Some of these installations designed to protect operators and production tools must comply with the regulations on explosive atmospheres (ATEX regulations).

To do this, it is essential for you to be accompanied by recognised experts with all the know-how and equipment necessary to bring your installations into compliance with the regulations in terms of personnel exposure and environmental impact.

NEU-JKF Delta NEU supports you from the very beginning of the definition of your needs in order to design an adapted system that will meet your expectations point by point. At every stage of the process and for every need, we offer dust removal, ventilation, cooling and air filtration systems. All our aeraulic solutions guarantee efficiency. For each installation we are committed to provide optimal solutions while maintaining the ergonomics of your production processes and workstations.

Our services

In order to ensure that your system functions optimally, regular maintenance is necessary. Our Customer Service offers you a range of services and supports you in your needs: original spare parts for your installation, upgrading of existing installations and maintenance contracts.

Documents and resources

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