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The mineral extraction industries and manufacturers of mineral building materials (aggregates, concrete, mortar, plaster, natural stone, etc.) are present throughout the country.
Its mission is to extract and supply materials to all industrial sectors, from construction and public works to aeronautics, automobiles, agriculture, cosmetics, health, high-tech, etc. 

Production, exploitation and transformation take place in an environment saturated with fine dust that is harmful to operators. 

Protecting people and their environment

The modern operation of a production unit takes into account the protection of operators and the environment. In all phases of the process, dust is present and abundant. Delta NEU, thanks to its long experience in dust removal and its know-how in the minerals industry, provides dust extraction and filtration solutions in compliance with the standards in force in terms of operator exposure and environmental discharge.

Protecting people: Inhaled dusts can cause more or less serious health risks for exposed workers. 
The preventive solutions to be implemented must take into account the nature and granulometry of these dusts, as they can penetrate more or less deeply into the respiratory system and settle there.

A distinction is made between so-called "non-specific effect" dusts (NSE) which, according to current knowledge, can only cause pulmonary overload, and those which cause specific pathologies, such as crystalline silica which causes silicosis and lung cancer.

The more dangerous the dust, the stricter the rules of prevention to protect workers. 

Protecting the environment: Quarries are classified installations whose operation is subject to obtaining a prefectoral authorisation. They are subject to the environmental code and the labour code with only one actor: the DREAL. 
They benefit from the high level of environmental and social requirements of French and European law.

The rules relating to the sanitation of working environments and respect for the environment impose constraints concerning both the rates of rejection and the protection of operators. Protecting operators, improving productivity and reducing costs at the same time is NEU-JKF Delta NEU's mission and commitment

NEU-JKF Delta NEU develops & manufactures dust collection solutions, with the installation of bonnets to reduce suction rates (and therefore the size of the installations), the adapted treatment of fine particles recovered at the base of the dust collectors, the installation of abrasion-resistant ducts, and the installation of centralised cleaning. 

Our services

NEU-JKF Delta NEU's global solutions protect people, their environment and their work tools. They are rewarding and sustainable because they are accompanied by a carousel of à la carte services: spare parts, intervention, breakdown service, upgrading, maintenance contract, etc.

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