Aeraulic and Mechanical Expertise for your Installations

Expertise: have your equipment checked to maintain its performance

To identify how to maintain the good performance of your installation, NEU-JKF Delta NEU can carry out an aeraulic and mechanical expertise on your site. By observing, measuring and analysing the different characteristics of your installation, we can then diagnose the most suitable solutions for your company.

A distinction is made between aeraulics and mechanical expertise.
The objective of the mechanical expertise is to check the condition of all the equipment of the installation, to detect possible problems, to understand and anticipate the failures of mechanical parts.
The objective of the aeraulics expertise is to ensure that the correct velocities, pressures and flow rates are maintained at the various intake points, by comparing them to the reference values defined in the installation file. The two types of expertise can be carried out in the same intervention or separately, depending on your needs.

Thanks to their know-how in the field of air and their mastery of the various processes, our technicians can work on original Delta NEU's equipment or not. Aware of the technical and economic stakes, they will propose you adapted measures and the best solutions thanks to their knowledge of the constraints.

Why carry out an expertise?

- To protect your operators and production tools; to ensure the well-being of your employees and the indoor air quality, so that they can work in a healthy environment

- To adapt your installation to the evolution of your processes

- To ensure that the installation retains its original characteristics and performance

- To avoid any malfunctioning of your equipment that could lead to overconsumption of spare parts, electricity or compressed air, generate a risk of jamming of the transported element, etc.

Whether it is a ventilation, dust collection, filtration, air conditioning or pneumatic waste transport installation, Delta NEU's Customer Service advises and supports you to offer you the most suitable solutions for your processes and needs.

Our expertise can be used in the context of regulatory and compulsory inspections to check that your equipment still complies with standards, with a view to protecting and ensuring the safety of your operators. By visiting your site, the technician in charge of the expertise can analyse all the constraints linked to your activity and propose a solution to improve the performance of your equipment and prevent possible risks.

Expertise for every solution

Why use NEU-JKF Delta NEU?


NEU-JKF Delta NEU Customer Service is:

- Technicians who are experts in their field: their in-depth knowledge of air transport equipment and techniques enables them to carry out detailed diagnoses. In addition to their training, our technicians have experience in the field and practice these actions on a daily basis.
- Solutions fitting your needs, your processes and your constraints
- Support for our customers
- Over 100 years of experience and expertise in the field of air treatment

Expertise for all types of industry

Whether it is a question of improvement, repair or replacement, NEU-JKF Delta NEU Customer Service has all the skills to support you and is committed to providing you with the optimum solutions (time, efficiency and price). Download our documentation.

We can work in all types of industry, on your installations with a fan, a dust collector, an air-material separator, filters (for oil mists, vapours, aerosols, electroerosion fumes, etc.), an air treatment unit, an air extractor, a centralised high-depression suction system; whether they are ATEX or not.
Our solutions and innovative systems are adapted to the most classic pollutants and also to the most specific ones.

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