Original Spare Parts

The widest range on the market

Do you need spare parts or wear parts for your equipment?
With a workshop of more than 10,000m², NEU-JKF Delta NEU offers you a large stock of original and manufacturer spare parts, with a guarantee of interchangeability.

Certified ISO 9001, NEU-JKF Delta NEU works daily to provide you with a quality service, through its organisation and its offer, thus enabling us to meet all your needs, even the most urgent. This service includes the supply of spare parts adapted to your equipment.

When your installation is commissioned, we provide you with a coded list of the various spare parts with recommendations for the most urgent parts and the parts to be provided for 2 years of operation.


references available with fast delivery


years of traceability and availability of parts


m² of storage space for all your needs in terms of consumables, spare parts, accessories

Why using original spare parts?

Choosing original spare parts has many advantages. For example, you can ensure the durability of your equipment, with quality products at the best price. By using original spare parts, all the characteristics of your equipment are preserved.

The original parts we offer are particularly adapted to your equipment and meet the original performance requirements defined by our engineers. They are therefore fully compatible with our equipment.

Using original spare parts also guarantees maximum quality and safety. Don't put your company's safety at risk and opt for guaranteed original parts.

The right parts for your equipments

The NEU-JKF Delta NEU Customer Service offers you consumables, spare parts and accessories that can be integrated into your ventilation, central vacuum and dust removal, air conditioning, filtration or pneumatic waste transport systems.

The choice of parts is varied: more than 100,000 references available and in fast delivery, allowing you to buy new spare parts at good prices.

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