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Our solutions for the food industry

The hygiene package is very strict in order to ensure the food safety of the final consumer. 
NEU-JKF Delta NEU solutions are developed to meet the most demanding standards.
Our experience in the food process ensures that we understand the concerns of our customers in the production and processing areas.  

From the arrival of the materials to the finished product

The food industry has to comply with specific rules and standards in order to guarantee the hygiene and safety of products offered to consumers. In order to ensure food safety, food manufacturers must implement procedures to identify and prevent various risks. Delta NEU offers turnkey hygiene and sanitation solutions.

As the largest industrial sector, the food industry is a particularly demanding field that covers a wide range of activities. This sector therefore requires adapted and often tailor-made solutions.
Governed by strict standards (hygiene, contamination, toxicity), it has a high demand for equipment that can meet its needs in terms of cleanability, protection and safety.
To ensure food safety, manufacturers in the sector must implement procedures to identify and prevent risks.

NEU-JKF Delta NEU is an expert in air treatment and offers turnkey solutions that contribute to compliance with health regulations. Thanks to our know-how in air handling, our solutions are particularly adapted to the specific problems of the food industry:

- Ventilation, pollutant extraction, air renewal
- Filtration, Control of air cleanliness
- Dust removal, compliance with ATEX regulations
- Pneumatic transport of production waste (cooking or packaging of raw materials while guaranteeing hygiene and comfort for operators)

Our areas of intervention in the food industry are vast: canning, biscuit making, confectionery, slaughterhouses, ready meals, dairies, beverages, and our solutions guarantee hygiene, ergonomics and comfort for operators

Our solutions

Improving productivity and working conditions, reducing costs and risks; these are some of the facets of NEU-JKF Delta NEU solutions for the food industry. 
Air filtration, collection, evacuation of fumes or pollutants, evacuation of packaging, temperature reduction, overpressure, dust removal, centralized cleaning by suction, collection and evacuation of pollutants, NEU-JKF Delta NEU masters a whole range of aeraulic techniques and will determine the one best adapted to your needs.

Our services

Very responsive, NEU-JKF Delta NEU studies your production constraints with you and offers you the most suitable solution for your site configuration.
From design to commissioning, we offer you an "all-in-one" service: customer service, spare parts, intervention, breakdown service, but also training.

Documents and resources

Below you can download various documents to learn more about our solutions for the food industry. If you have a question or need more information, please contact us.


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