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NEU-JKF Delta NEU is present at all stages of the life of a nuclear site (operation, decommissioning, construction), with a specific offer to meet the needs of this industry in the most suitable and secure way. The requirements and problems of the nuclear industry being specific, Delta NEU has decided to dedicate a specialised team of qualified radiation protection engineers to it. Delta NEU has, within the framework of its quality approach, a Radioprotection certification (Qualianor), and is able to intervene worldwide.

Air treatment and filtration

Delta NEU's mission for the nuclear industry is to optimise the capture of the pollutant at source, to treat and filter the air charged with radioactive dust and/or smoke, to fight against the dispersion of α and β radioelements and to protect and improve the working conditions of operators.

A nuclear power plant is confronted with numerous problems of improving the conditions of intervention or evacuation of pollutants. To meet these needs, we offers the use of standard ventilation equipment, specific products and tailor-made solutions for the evacuation of containment airlocks, capacities and piping networks. For all dismantling or deconstruction operations, or during the operating or construction phases, our solutions can be adapted to all situations to optimise pollutant capture at source, and to treat and filter air loaded with radioactive dust and/or smoke.

Our equipment is particularly well suited to problems of ventilation, pre-filtration, dust removal in cutting operations, use of jackhammers, cutting of cold or hot electromechanical elements, etc., but also for the trapping of radioelements during work on unit outages, or the creation of a vacuum in the primary circuit during the Lower Generator phase. They are also designed to purify by supplying fresh air, eliminate polluted air and blow in hot air, eliminate residual water in the capacities, dry the steam generator and exchanger bundles, ventilate the various covers, keep the premises frost-free and ventilate the rod sets....

As a manufacturer and installer, we contribute to the improvement of productivity and working conditions by fighting against nuisances and by proposing equipment capable of making intervention methods in the nuclear industry more efficient. Mobile or non-mobile depressurising units allow confined and difficult-to-access areas to be put under vacuum. They provide greater safety (reinforcement of the lines of defence), peace of mind and simplification of activities in the field.

Our services

NEU-JKF Delta NEU is a team dedicated to the nuclear industry with personalised training and intervention programmes to carry out preventive and curative maintenance operations before each unit shutdown, to establish a diagnosis of the equipment and to ensure their possible repair, to requalify, to guarantee their operation and to ensure the follow-up, to carry out Uranine tests on site, or even to train in the use of equipment or in the containment of nuclear SAS in order to obtain an effective containment

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