Our Commitments

Eco-responsible facilities based on the latest technological innovations

For decades, NEU-JKF Delta NEU has been committed to the implementation of useful solutions for the prevention of occupational risks and focuses its daily efforts on the protection of people and their environment.

NEU-JKF Delta NEU's vocation

Whether it is a question of treating harmful dusts or vapours or preventing industrial risks, Delta NEU's vocation is to put air at the service of a clean and efficient industry.

To this end, Delta NEU is strongly committed to the development of solutions designed to protect operators, working environments and industrial processes.

Our commitments

Protection of people and their environment

Environmentally responsible products and facilities

Sustainable development

Certifié ISO 14001

Protection at the heart of our business

Providing its customers with innovative, proven solutions, useful for the prevention of occupational risks, with the watchword: the protection of people, the protection of processes and compliance with the regulations in force.

NEU-JKF Delta NEU is also about low energy consumption installations, thanks to sustainable systems and optimised key equipment.

From design to implementation

NEU-JKF Delta NEU provides its customers with unfailing support, from the design of the installations to their commissioning and even beyond: combating waste, promoting energy savings, optimising energy consumption, protecting equipment against attrition and wear and tear in order to promote its longevity, ensuring the safety of operators, production and the planet.


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