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NEU-JKF Delta NEU has a strong footprint in the glass industry and deals with various problems in the manufacturing process. Indeed, the glass process often generates harmful pollution for the operators.
The ventilation, dust control systems, central cleaning and filtration provided by NEU-JKF Delta NEU are ideal for enhancing a safer and cleaner working environment and helping to comply with health and safety standards. In this way, we contribute to improving productivity, production quality and working conditions.

NEU-JKF Delta NEU's turnkey solution

Air contamination is a major issue in the glass production industry. We have all the necessary know-how to support your projects, thanks to our multiple products.

NEU-JKF Delta NEU's mission is to reduce dust emissions and see them disappear while providing comfort and safety to your operators. The specific risks of the glassmaking profession are due to the process that exposes operators to high heat, infrared radiation, but also to chemical products, dyes and additives (chrome, nickel, lead, etc.), some of which are allergenic and/or carcinogenic. There are many substances used in the composition of glass. Smokes and dust from suspended raw materials (silica, alkali and alkaline dust, heavy metal fumes, etc.) expose operators.

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Glass workshops must be subject to a thorough risk analysis, assessing both the material and technical environment (tools, machines, products used) and the effectiveness of the existing means of protection and their use according to the work stations.
Workplace ventilation plays an essential role in limiting the concentration of dust and vapours in the ambient air and evacuating them from the workplace is a real challenge. They must also respect the limit values set by the regulations and thus avoid consequences for workers' health. These devices must be complemented by ventilation with localised extraction of acid vapours, smoke and metal particles, oil mists, etc., or on equipment with bag filters, scrubbers or other dust collectors.

Our solutions

Whether you need to work safely in confined spaces, extract dust and smoke from glass manufacturing processes, or refresh the air around you, NEU-JKF Delta NEU offers custom-made solutions. 

Our services

NEU-JKF Delta NEU has a long experience and many installations in the glass industry. We are able to offer you the right solutions. We are familiar with the risks associated with this industry and offer you interventions, audits and maintenance contracts via our Customer Service.

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