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Our solutions for the paper and board industry

Production and conversion in the paper and cardboard (corrugated and folding carton) industries generate :
- Large quantities of recyclable waste
- Dust emissions from converting machines
- Heat

Due to the high production rate, the generation of waste and dust is an important parameter to be taken into account in
- Production efficiency
- General plant hygiene and regulatory compliance
- Explosion risks

A solution at every stage

Of all the industries, NEU-JKF Delta NEU can offer the most complete and extensive range of services in the paper and board industry. There is not a single new mill that does not require one or more of our technical specialities, and often several of them at the same time.

The paper and cardboard industry and its manufacturing processes generate dust emission problems and the fine particles released need to be collected. The paper and cardboard manufacturing process causes the release of cellulose fibres and dust, which requires the installation of industrial extraction systems to capture the fine particles that cause unpleasant effects on the eye mucosa and respiratory problems for the operators. In addition, paper and cardboard dust in the air and in a confined space can cause an explosion if an ignition source is present.

In the paper and printing industry, waste is a major environmental problem, but not the only one.

In order to improve working conditions and limit indoor air pollution, other sources of pollution can easily be solved (smoke extraction, dust, hot air, etc.).

This is the role of what we call "air quality solutions".

NEU-JKF Delta NEU designs and builds fully automated turnkey installations to clean production areas, filter and treat dust, vacuum and recycle waste, ventilate and cool, vacuum glue vapours, etc.

To eliminate the risk of explosion, our equipment is equipped accordingly:
- Anti-explosion vents for dust collectors
- Anti-static filter elements
- Anti-return valve


Our services

We provide a comprehensive air treatment and waste management solution that integrates state-of-the-art equipment such as choppers, static or rotary separators, dust collectors, high performance centrifugal fans... All our equipment is assembled in a technical solution that guarantees the performance and reliability of the installation. Plant productivity is boosted, labour is reduced and industrial waste becomes valuable.

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