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The recycling and waste management industry is becoming increasingly important. It is linked to the scarcity of raw materials and the growing importance of ecology.
In waste treatment centres, operators are confronted with different types of hazards, mainly due to the dust generated by waste transfers, the handling of hazardous products and the clutter on the sorting lines.
In order to ensure the smooth running of processes and to protect operators, sorting centres and other recycling activities make use of air technologies. These technologies protect operators and ensure the smooth running of processes and sorting lines.

Air technology for sorting and protection

Protecting operators, protecting the sorting process, keeping workstations clean and providing comfort for operators are just some of the facets of NEU-JKF Delta NEU's solutions for sorting and waste management centres.

The movement of materials generates dust, which is the cause of many respiratory diseases. An efficient dust extraction system will capture the pollution as close as possible to its point of emission. A general ventilation system capable of dispersing and evacuating the pollution effectively protects the operators at their workstations. The temperature or humidity in the sorting cabins leads to uncomfortable working conditions. The most economical, ecological and efficient solution is air cooling. This principle, based on the adiabatic method, lowers the temperature to 10°C while humidifying the air. The cooled air is diffused from the outside to the inside causing a constant renewal of the air.

From the unloading of the waste, through the screens, trommels, shredders or granulators, to the baling of the material. This entire process generates a lot of dust. This has two consequences: deterioration of the installations and poor working conditions. In order to prevent these risks, a dust extraction system is essential: it optimises the sorting process and improves air quality.
Floor clutter is dangerous for the movement of operators. Dust or waste clogging of machines slows down the process and requires more maintenance. For the cleaning of sorting areas, a centralised vacuum system will allow dust to be extracted from floors and machines, thanks to a wide range of accessories.

NEU-JKF Delta NEU systems are very heterogeneous solutions, meeting many needs in waste management and sorting centres. The design and installation of tailor-made systems that meet the specifications of your processes guarantees a high level of performance. You benefit from a complete support from the definition of your needs to the commissioning:
- Dust suction: on the conveyor belt, in the sorting cabins and on the entire sorting line
- Centralized vacuum system: to guarantee a clean working environment, avoid slipping, clean carpets and machines
- Air cooling system: to provide working comfort for operators
- Process waste handling system: for sorting and transferring bottles to balers or containers, transporting paper, cardboard, aluminium cases, carpeting, etc... in general, anything that can pass through a pipe.

Our services

NEU-JKF Delta NEU support is also a guarantee that your systems will remain operational in the long term. Thanks to its local network, our Customer Service offers you all the original spare parts for your system as well as maintenance contracts, upgrades and many other services.

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