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About NEU-JKF Delta NEU


Protecting people and equipment. Preserving the environment

NEU-JKF Delta NEU designs and assembles equipment dedicated to air treatment. As an expert in its field, NEU-JKF Delta NEU also provides industrialists with first-rate solutions for the prevention of occupational risks. For nearly 50 years, NEU-JKF Delta NEU has been at the service of air quality in all sectors of industry.

For a sustainable future 

NEU-JKF Delta NEU supports you throughout the life of your equipment and installations. Choosing Delta NEU means :

Ensuring: availability, monitoring the life cycle,
Improve: the life cycle of your equipment within a controlled financial framework
Maintain: your activity and the comfort of your operators so that they can concentrate on their core tasks.
Act: directly on the efficiency of your installations in terms of energy consumption and environmental impact.
Safety: we make incident prevention and control our priority.

A unique test and training center in Europe

We have our own testing track and training centre to meet your objectives:
Participate in the design of installations,
Take responsibility for operation, control and maintenance,
To complete a theoretical knowledge base with practical training,
Add a coherent theoretical basis to experience acquired through practice.

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Parc d'Activités de la Houssoye, Rue André Ampère
59930 La Chapelle d'Armentières