Upgrading your installation

Maintain the original characteristics of your installation

The upgrading of an air treatment installation often takes place after a periodic check. It is a matter of carrying out a diagnosis, an expertise on your installation.
An upgrade ensures that the installation is in good working order, identifies any defective parts that need to be replaced
and carries out various operations to optimise the operation of your equipment.
Upgrade your installation to its original characteristics.

An upgrade of your installation can help to :

- Optimise its operation

- Bring it into compliance: the standards and regulations to which it is subject may have changed (safety, ATEX, discharge rates, etc.).
Thus avoid occupational hazards

- Increase its lifetime

- Avoid breakdowns, which could block production

- Recover its original characteristics: mechanical and aeraulic

Customer Service supports you in upgrading your :

NEU-JKF Delta NEU takes care of your  revamping operations

NEU-JKF Delta NEU provides all-in-one solutions for the revamping of your installation by managing the mechanical, aeraulic, electrical and aesthetic aspects.


The different steps of a revamping :

1. Definition of your needs and the scope of the work, after carrying out an expertise on your equipment
2. Disassembly of parts to be replaced
3. Building up scaffolding
and containing the installation to protect the surrounding area
4. Sandblasting
the installation
5. Painting
6. Replacement of the parts that need to be changed
with original parts to guarantee the reliability of the installation over time
7. Checking
and control of the installation

  • Structure before revamping
  • Structure before revamping
  • After sandblasting
  • After primary step
  • After revamping

Focus on ATEX compliance

In order to ensure the safety of your employees and your site, an EXplosive ATmospheres (ATEX) regulation has been put in place, defining the safety rules and standards for hazardous areas with an explosion risk.
In accordance with the EU Economic Directive 2014/34/EU and the EU Social Directive 1999/92/EC, the employer must identify and analyse explosion risks, demarcate explosion zones and ensure that the necessary measures are taken to avoid these risks.

To ensure that your installation is ATEX-compliant, we offer you individually designed ATEX retrofit solutions to optimise the compliance possibilities of your industrial equipment or to offer you new ATEX equipment.

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